1.5 Worshiping the One True God

Oct 2, 2021
Lesson Title: Worshiping the One True God

Scripture Focus: Genesis 11:4

The Lesson in Context
The apostle Paul said the church would be in front, piloting the way to a new
creation, as the old creation groans, waiting for the sons of God (Romans 8:19). He
said the examples of the Old Testament were written for the church, “upon whom
the ends of the world are come” (I Corinthians 10:11). Notice he did not say the
church had come to the ends of the world; rather, the ends had come to the church.

But what ends was Paul talking about? He was referring to the eschaton, or age
in which the Holy Ghost rules—the age of peace. In other words, in the eschaton,
the enmity between races will end. Wars will cease. There will be a fullness of life
and peace. The people will be skilled in the art of goodness and forget the art of
war. This age, Paul insisted, is what has come to the church—the future. The church
does not have to wait for the future; the future has already come to the church. The
reason the church is always out ahead of the world is because the future—through
the gifts of the Spirit—literally reaches back into the present and equips the church
with power the world will only know in the age to come.

Knowing God has purposed for our end to be glorious, we will choose to live our
lives as offerings of praise and worship to the one true God. He alone sits on the
throne. He alone is ultimately in control of the affairs of this world.

Group Discussion
1. Why do you think some people get caught up in the pursuit of “making a
name” for themselves?
2. In what ways do you see the spirit of Babel alive in our world today?
3. Why is pride often so destructive to the one who is prideful and to others
around this person?
4. In what way have you seen pride surface in your own life?
5. Have you ever been warned or become aware of something in prayer before
it ever happened? Explain.

My Prayer for the Upcoming Week
How do you want to be different because of what you have experienced today?