Saturday Morning Prayer - 30OCT21

Oct 30, 2021    A.J. Dummitt
Prayer on Saturday mornings is how we come together to prepare for our weekends. We can plan and prepare, but first, PRAYER!

Rejoice (one minute) – praise God for what He has done, is doing, and is getting ready to do in world revival.

Review (five minutes) – read books, magazines, other literature and most of all the scriptures to learn all you can about the nature of revival, its impact on missions and its current manifestation around the world. What is discovered during these five minutes helps create more meaning for what you do with the other ten minutes.

Repent (one minute) – take time each day to confess to God on your behalf, and on behalf of the whole church, the specific ways in which we are hindering world revival.

Resist (one minute) – target in prayer those points where Satan is attempting to undermine the life and the mission of the church, so as to diminish the potential for local and world revival.

Request (five minutes) – drawing from the vast reservoir of Biblical promises, intercede for full revival in the church – both your own and in other nations.

Recommit (one minute) – reflect on all that you have learned from the Lord and all that you have said to Him, and commit yourself back to Him to be used in answer to your prayers, whatever the cost. Also, recommit to set the pace for others to pray with you in the same direction.

Record (one minute) – keep a journal to record whatever you sense God has said to you as a result of the previous fourteen minutes. What new understandings has He given you of revival? What new directions has He given for prayer? What new steps of obedience has He called you to take as a result of praying? How has He encouraged you to set the pace for others? Over a period of time, this journal will provide tremendous encouragement, not only about your praying but about how God is working in response to your prayers.

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