1.3 Offering Our Best

Sep 18, 2021
Lesson Title: Offering Our Best

Scripture Focus: Genesis 4:4

The Lesson in Context
Sacrifice is good for us. We give to God to show Him how important we think He is,
not so He can see how special we are. When people commit their lives to a cause
in obedience to God, it is a sacrifice. It will cost them something. It is not a deal or
an arrangement. God does not owe people for what they do, even if it literally costs
them their lives. God did the same for us when He manifested Himself in flesh and
became obedient unto the death of the cross.

The best response we can give to God’s call on our lives is to say, “I will offer my
best and will not expect a reward. I will choose to follow God in every way I know
how because that is my best service to Him. I will not compare my sacrifice to the
sacrifice of others; I will compare it to what He asks of me.”

Group Discussion
1. Which of the Ten Commandments benefit the individual who obeys them?
2. Can you think of Bible characters who did what God expected of them, and
were blessed because of their obedience?
3. Share a time when you chose good over evil. Describe the benefits that ensued.
4. What could Cain have done to rectify his situation?
5. What has it been like when you talked with people who have given their lives
to ministry?

My Prayer for the Upcoming Week
How do you want to be different because of what you have experienced today?