2.2 For His Purpose

Scripture Focus: Luke 1:38

The Lesson in Context
Choosing to commit to God’s purpose is not a one-time event. In the same way, learning to love others is not a one-time event, but a lifetime of loving, learning, experiencing and choosing to love and learn again. The prophet Jeremiah is a good example of someone who was chosen for a specific purpose but did not always like where that purpose took him. He had to choose again and again to submit to God’s purpose.

Every believer has a purpose in God’s kingdom. Each one of us is called to be involved in sharing Jesus. What that looks like and how God uses you depends on His call, His purpose, and your response. Today is the day to believe God and commit to Him. If you have already committed, then today is a day to remember His purpose and rejoice as you walk in that purpose. If you are not walking in God’s purpose, then make the decision to listen to God as He speaks to you today. You have value and purpose in God’s plan. Your identity can be found in Him, and you can trust Him with your future.

Group Discussion

1. How would you think and respond if an angel appeared and spoke to you?
2. Why is it important for us to listen to God’s voice, His direction for our lives, and the leading of His Spirit?
3. Haveyoueverbeeninasituationwhereyouwereatalossforwords?
4. Is our human need for control so strong that when God is in control we automatically doubt? Explain.
5. CanyouthinkofatimewhenyoucommittedsomethingtoGodandHegave you confirmation? How did that make you feel? Did it have an impact on a later decision you had to make in your commitment to God? Explain.