Spring 2024 - Semester Courses
Kentucky Campus

Purpose Institute classes are taught one Saturday a month with breaks and lunch. Depending on the semester we also have special additional sessions with Pastor Dummitt and guest speakers on other scheduled days.
Spring 2024 Dates: January 20, February 24, April 27, May 25.
Fall 2024 Dates: August 10, September 21, October 26, December 14.

4204 - The Epistles

Epistles are “letters”, and letters have always been an effective way to communicate. God chose letters to effectively communicate HIS will and purpose to HIS church. This course is designed to give a summary of each letter.
Instructor: Jessica Cooper

4302 - The New Birth

Jesus said you must be born again. This class teaches the essentiality of the new birth as recorded in John 3:5 and exactly what is required to be born again
Instructor: Catherine Dummitt

4503 - Equipping the Apostolic Minister I

 There are many preachers, but not many ministers. The primary focus of the Equipping the Apostolic Minister series is to bring balance to both the spiritual and the practical aspects of ministry. Level I primarily deals with the call to ministry, and exactly what that means.
Instructor: Wayne Dummitt

4603 - Leadership II

This course strives to stretch the leader to a high level of understanding and ability as a leader. Because of the uniqueness of our times, you will be challenged to accept nothing less than a standard of excellence.
Instructor: Joshua Cooper


“Apostolic Ministry, Methods, and Doctrine”
Purpose Institute is a ministry training institution that partners with local Apostolic trainers anywhere in the world. PI enables trainers to develop leader’s ministry skills and to clarify their individual purpose.  Purpose Institute supports the local mission by providing curriculum and systems that are adaptable and accessible ministry training resources.

Every great leader is a lifelong learner. Foundational preparation prior to ultimate effectiveness is a leadership reality. Systematic training speeds development. The fact that you are curious about training is a sure sign that you understand qualifying for leadership is an absolute. Through Purpose Institute, students can now be trained by local mentors and achieve a high level of Biblical understanding and spiritual expertise. We are honored that you are exploring your options for training with Purpose Institute.

Training is a serious matter. The Lord’s worldwide harvest depends on qualified workers. If the harvest at home or abroad is slowed down, it is for the lack of trained leaders. Purpose Institute can help. Purpose Institute is a highly effective tool providing ministry education for local leaders while allowing them to remain faithful to their local church, their work, and their families. The evidence since Purpose Institute’s beginning is overwhelming. Those who are utilizing this training option are meeting the need in their local churches for qualified workers.