All The Way Out

Feb 1, 2020    A.J. Dummitt    Hebrews 10:1-4, 10 / Acts 2:37-38
God never intended for you to be half saved. God never does anything half way, when He forgives your sins, He forgives all of them, not a half of them, not three-fourths of them, not a fourth of them but when He forgives you, He forgives you completely. Many people have been completely forgiven by God, but try to live a split life. Half living the new life in Christ while still living their old life of sin and pleasing their self.

Is there no escaping the bondage of the past? Everything around you seems to say that doom is certain, but God brought you here. God led you here. When you get to the place where only God can save, Hallelujah! It is at this point that we must do what the children of Israel were told to do; stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.