Super Sunday - With Evangelist Tim Greene - 07FEB21

Feb 7, 2021    Tim Greene    Super Sunday

We are excited to welcome Evangelist Tim Greene today. There is no telling what God will do in our service. Through the power of a mighty God, the ministry of Tim and Louis Greene - they have seen countless miracles. Many have been healed including those with deaf ears, crippled limbs, arthritis, sugar diabetes, tumors, blinded eyes, and many other maladies. Hundreds have received the Holy Ghost just like it is written in the book of Acts. Marriages have been restored, young people renewed in their commitment to God, deliverance from addictions of alcohol, drugs, pornography, perversion, and many other strongholds. They are committed to full-time ministry, traveling wherever is necessary to preach the gospel with a heartbeat and desire are to see people engage in a lifelong relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We will indeed be blessed today!
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