Saturday Morning Prayer - 18DEC21

Dec 18, 2021    A.J. Dummitt
Prayer on Saturday mornings is how we come together to prepare for our weekends. We can plan and prepare, but first, PRAYER!

Pray in the evening.
“I will bless the Lord who counsels me; he gives me wisdom in the night. He tells me what to do.” (Psalm 16:7 TLB)

Evening is the time God uses to impart wisdom and prepare you for rest. It is an opportunity to release to Him all the stress and tension that may have crept in unnoticed through the course of the day. If you missed the mark in any way, evening prayer is also the time to confess any sin and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

Take time to clarify Your Vision with Evening Prayer and a Short Devotional Reading

Praying at night closes the events 
of the day. After spending time with the Lord this way, you can rest knowing 
that God looks after you as you sleep. You look forward to each new day with a 
clearer vision of His Purpose and the actions to take.

How is God prompting you to pray in the evening? What approach is He using?

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