2.1 What God Says Is True

The Lesson in Context

Now that we have been redeemed by His blood, we cannot simply make peace with the way things are in our world. We have been called out of that kind of darkness into a marvelous light. We do not conform to the world. Our faith might not seem to work in theory, but it works in practice. We look at a cross and insist it is the throne of God. We look at the crown of thorns and call it a crown of glory. Like our Lord, we never take the world at face value. We shake our fists at the spiritual desert and demand it rain. We look at the houses of prostitutes, the broken, the addicts, and insist they are to be houses of the redeemed. We look out on whole continents in the grip of Satan and declare them won for Christ.
To all of life’s heartaches, it might be tempting to say, “That’s just the way it is.” But if you listen closely, you will hear another “it.” For on a dark, skull-shaped hill many years ago, the earth shook, Christ died, and His disciples heard Him say, “It is finished.”

Group Discussion

1. In what ways did John “prepare the way” for the Lord to come?

2. Has God made a promise that seems impossible to you?

3. Why do you think God likes to change the status quo?

4. Why do we sometimes struggle to take God at His word?

5. How would you describe God’s love to someone who has never experienced God?