Our Story

How it all started...

In 1985 C. Wayne Shrum started a church out of his home in Radcliff, Kentucky. They purchased property on Vine Street and started holding services at that location regularly. In 1989 the Shrums left to become appointed missionaries.
From 1990 to 1998, J.B. Mills and his family led the church through the construction of a new building on the property and many stages of gains and losses in the congregation due to the transient nature of the military community (Ft. Knox, KY).  
In 1998 until 2001 - Stanford Medlock and his family guided the church family and were blessed by great additions from the local community.

The vision continues...

The founding pastor had a vision and a desire for a multi-cultural and diverse congregation that would be a great blessing to the military and civilian blended community.
In 2001, A.J. Dummitt and his family became the fourth pastor of the church and have carried on the vision with a wonderfully diverse church family.

Where we are headed...

Expanding on the vision of diversity, we are a church where LOVE is the Answer. We believe that you should see yourself the way God sees you (love yourself and accept the value God has given you), receive God's love and love Him in return, and then because of His love - you will be able to love others the way that He does.
We feel compelled to share this vision in cities and communities all around us through helping to establish local churches and ministries.

Coffee Shop

Right across the parking lot from our Radcliff campus we renovated a 90 year old house and built a coffee shop. Now a team of coffee lovers rent the space from our church and run a wonderful coffee business called Apostoli Coffee. The income from the rental after the investment funds are paid back will be used to help  fund mission work in our local area, the U.S. and around the globe as well!

Plant Churches

“Apostolic Ministry, Methods, and Doctrine”
Purpose Institute is a ministry training institution that partners with local Apostolic trainers anywhere in the world. PI enables trainers to develop leader’s ministry skills and to clarify their individual purpose.  Purpose Institute supports the local mission by providing curriculum and systems that are adaptable and accessible ministry training resources.

Empower Ministry

Training is a serious matter. The Lord’s worldwide harvest depends on qualified workers. If the harvest at home or abroad is slowed down, it is for the lack of trained leaders. We use highly effective tools providing ministry empowerment for local leaders while allowing them to remain faithful to their local church, their work, and their families. From children through adulthood we are empowering leaders for hands on ministry.

Be a part of our story...