6 AM Prayer Service (Friday) August 19 - United with Our Gifting And Abilities from God

Aug 19, 2022    Rebecca Allen

(Saturday) August 13 - Unite with the Church, the “Body of Christ”.
(Sunday) August 14 - United So Hell Shall Not Prevail!
(Monday) August 15 - United and Walking In Love.
(Tuesday) August 16 - United for Maturity in Christ
(Wednesday) August 17 - United Together With Purpose
(Thursday) August 18 - United without Prejudice or Bias
(Friday) August 19 - United with Our Gifting And Abilities from God

Unity means oneness. It is the opposite of divided. Christians who are united
and surrendered to God will see a mighty move of God. This means that one of
Satan’s goals is to bring disunity in the Church. If he can succeed, then the Church
can be hindered from fulfilling its purpose to make Him known. That is why it is
so important that we fast and pray for unity.

Pray with humility expectantly looking for how God is working to address our
hearts, bring hope, healing and excitement as He moves us together. It all comes
back to God. We are unable to do anything on our own. It is God who even gives
us the will to do good works. We are wretched and dead, but God is able, is ready
and desires to bring sanctification to His church and salvation to a lost world.

This will be the pattern for our devotions each week:

P · Praise Him for who He is, Practice His presence
R · Repent of your sin and turn back to Him
A · Ask God to do what only He can do (His will be done, not yours)
Y · Yield, surrender in love and obedience to whatever He desires to do in your life