If you’re looking to lead a curriculum based Small Group, we have plenty to choose from. Here’s a list of highly recommended and diverse curriculum and book studies to choose from. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to the Small Groups Team at your campus.

Pastor A.J.'s Book Study

Messages Of Hope

Other Studies

30 Days to Life
Exploring God's Word
God's Word For Life
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Overcoming Emotions That Destroy (Chip Ingram) (DVD Curriculum)
True Spirituality (Chip Ingram) (DVD Curriculum)
Spiritual Simplicity (Chip Ingram) (DVD Curriculum)
The Bait of Satan (DVD Curriculum)
The Fear of the Lord (DVD Curriculum)
Under Cover (DVD Curriculum)
Four Tables (DVD Curriculum)
Pursuing Holiness (DVD Curriculum)
The Point of Low Points (DVD Curriculum)
Wisdom Is A Lady (DVD Curriculum)
Wilderness Survival Guide (Book Study)
In Case You Were Wandering (DVD Curriculum)
Spiritual Gifts (Bernard)
Bible Made Simple (Powerpoint Presentations Available)
The Comeback (Louie Giglio) (6-Lesson DVD Curriculum)
Follow - Andy Stanley (DVD Curriculum) with Books
Relat(able) - Louie Giglio (DVD Curriculum) with Books

The Circle Maker (DVD Curriculum)
And He Prayed Again (DVD Curriculum) No Books

5 Lies That Ruin Relationships (DVD Curriculum)
Balancing Life’s Demands (DVD Curriculum)
Parenting Isn’t For Cowards
People are Pitiful (and We’re All People)
iMarriage (DVD Curriculum)
Enemies of the Heart: Breaking Free from the Four Emotions That Control You
Boundaries - Cloud/Townsend (DVD Curriculum) with Books
What Makes You Happy - Andy Stanley (DVD Curriculum) with Books
Love and Respect - by Emmerson Eggerichs

From Here To Armageddon (Endtime Ministries) (8-Lesson DVD Curriculum)

Financial Peace University (DVD Curriculum)
The Treasure Principle
The Blessed Life (12 Short YouTube Videos to start discussion)
Smart Money, Smart Kids

Daughters of The Kingdom (DVD Curriculum) with Books - Ladies Group
Daughters of The Promise (DVD Curriculum) with Books - Ladies Group
And It Was Good: The Wonder of Creation (DVD Curriculum) with Books

Goliath Must Fall - Louie Giglio (DVD Curriculum) with Books
Wild at Heart - by John Eldredge