30 Days to Life System

System Owner: 

Purpose and Scope:
Note: This System is very similar to the Discipleship System on the Small Groups team. Where this system will work to get people connected and engaged with Jesus Christ and moving forward in their spiritual journey, the Discipleship System and Small Groups Team will work to keep them engaged and moving forward spiritually. The two systems are almost identical in many ways and will work hand in hand.


(10 Steps with Guests at the Altar - in Addition to ALTAR SYSTEM procedures that will help in praying with people.)

  1. Trained Altar Worker introduces themself to guest. (If they haven’t already, take time to get to know them before they leave).
  2. Give guest in the Altar a free copy of the 30 Days to Life Book.
  3. (NOTE) Pull book back, to write down 4 points of contact in book.
    1. Name
    2. Cell Number
    3. Email
    4. Social Media handle (FB, Insta, Twitter)
  4. The Altar Worker receives the guests point of contact.
  5. After exchange of info, sit down for a few minutes to explain the 30 Days to Life concept and the book.
  6. Turn to first day’s assignment, and explain. Doing Question #1 together.
  7. Set up a phone appointment with the guest for that afternoon. (Go ahead and call them right then. Have them enter name.) Call them at the exact time you set up with them.
  8. While they are still sitting there - set up a meeting to meet face to face before the next service. (Make it easy for both). Text, fB, Tweeting, etc…stay in contact.
  9. At the meeting - discuss with them anything/everything that would cause a relationship to develop. (Appropriate Connections).
  10. At meeting, review the last week’s lessons. Discuss it with them. Show them you love them. Interact with them about the questions, etc.. Show them the scriptures that set them free. (Unwrapping them).

  1. The goal of the person that starts the 30 Days to Life process with someone will be to get them connected to as many church members as possible, while at the same time encouraging their relationship with God - through the means of the 30 Days to Life book. They will need to also help them get connected with:

  • LifeGroups Involvement
  • Serving on Team Involvement
  • Reaching out to Family and Friends in Love

This system has been reviewed with me and I have had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss pertinent details. I understand my role on the team.