Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

"As children of God, we are called to love God, as well as honor, serve, and reach people with the gospel. Love is the motivation that helps us to put the GO in the Gospel! When we begin to love each other as Christ loved us, this love will compel us to turn our entire world into a mission field. Basically there are three different levels of evangelism: 1. Our church; 2. Our community; 3. Our world. It is vitally important that we understand the importance of building relationships in the local church, serving our community, and helping the good news of Jesus spread across the globe." - Pastor A.J. Dummitt

Missions Publication

Click on the picture to access the PDF Booklet.
The main purpose of this publication is to give the reader a detailed overview of where our money for missions goes each year.

Each year we give to many different missionaries and missions projects and we are so excited about all the great things God does with our giving and going.
Please take the time to read the text and look at the pictures to get a better understanding of how we are making an impact all over the world!

Active Missionaries

We currently support over 30 active missionaries, or missions ministries like our orphanages in Haiti and Guatemala. 
If you would like to support missions or make a monthly commitment to help us keep the GO in the Gospel, you can do that by clicking the button below.

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trips in 2024.

Our short term mission trips include ministry at local churches, crusades, and humanitarian work, as well as possibly doing ministry training and family enrichment workshops to help facilitate revival in the countries we visit.
Please make sure you get your passport current and ready by January 31, 2024 in order to go.
More information coming very soon.

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.

Faith Promise 

Faith promise offerings monthly go to support our Local, National and Global Missions Efforts. We renew our faith promise each year with some really incredible testimonies.