Midweek Bible Study - Why I Can't Forgive - Sept. 9, 2020

Sep 9, 2020    A.J. Dummitt

Why is there such a discrepancy between our understanding of forgiveness and our willingness to grant it to others? Occasionally, it’s a major crisis that forces us to choose between forgiveness and unforgiveness (i.e. an unfaithful spouse, an unwanted divorce, an unfair termination from your job, sexual abuse you experienced as a child, a slanderous rumor that has cost you your reputation). But most of the time it is lesser offenses that we must deal with (i.e. being overlooked by a friend, a fight with our spouse). Regardless of the size of the offense, FORGIVENESS IS NOT USUALLY THE PREFERRED RESPONSE! Join us for this powerful teaching series about the Power of Forgiveness. (Streaming License # CCLI: CSPL043706)