Why I Won't Forgive

Sep 23, 2020    A.J. Dummitt    Midweek Bible Study - The Power of Forgiveness Part 3

Chuck Swindoll said, “If I sin and in the process of sinning break my arm, when I find forgiveness from sin, I still have to deal with a broken bone.” -- If you’re struggling with hurts inflicted by someone else, release your desire for vengeance and let God (or others) pursue justice. On the other hand, if you desire forgiveness, don’t be discouraged over the lingering consequences of your sin; instead, view them as a gift designed to keep you close to a God who loves you! HOW CAN I HANDLE MEMORIES OF A PAST HURT? Here is some great advice: Do not cultivate the memories. Recall your own failures. Remember your decision to forgive. Realize that healing memories takes time. Join us for this powerful teaching series about the Power of Forgiveness. (Streaming License # CCLI: CSPL043706)