My Choice to Forgive

Sep 30, 2020    A.J. Dummitt    Midweek Bible Study - The Power of Forgiveness Part 4

Have you ever wished you could rewind the last 7 years, 7 months, 7 days, or 7 minutes of your life and start over? If only you could take back that word spoken in anger, say no to that unwise suggestion, say yes to that forfeited opportunity, or salvage that broken relationship. Unfortunately, there’s no “rewind button” in real life. However, God does offer us a powerful antidote to heal the REGRETS of past mistakes. It’s called FORGIVENESS. Join us for our final session of this powerful teaching series about the Power of Forgiveness. (Streaming License # CCLI: CSPL043706)

Why a Holocaust Survivor Forgave the Nazis | The Girl Who Forgave The Nazis:

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